86th Oscars Predictions: September Edition   7 comments

Now we’re getting closer to the Oscar precursor season especially since Venice, Telluride, and Toronto film festivals are all over. They all solidified some films’ and performances chances. Here’s the state of the race for this month:






supp actor


supp actress

7 responses to “86th Oscars Predictions: September Edition

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  1. Please what does paging FSL mean?

  2. Lies, lies! Naomi Watts for Diana, please!!

  3. WOWS and Foxcatcher, 2014 na. This year’s race is so weird :/

    Krenn "Kayo" Jolongbayan
  4. Kaya nga eh. Natatawa rin ako, yung shinopping ni Harvey dun sa TIFF itinambak lahat sa 2014. HAHAHA

    Krenn "Kayo" Jolongbayan
    • Yes! I wonder kung lahat gusto nya isingit lahat sa awards race or box office na lang habol nya sa iba. To think na apat ang movies nya this year (Fruitvale, Butler, Philomena, Mandela) and none seems to be on the level of a King’s Speech, The Artist, or even SLP.

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