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Early last week, the lead single off Britney Spears’ soon to be released latest album leaked off the whole online community. The song, which was entitled Work Bitch!, is her first single in two years and a kick start song from her eighth full studio album. This has made Britney fans and pop geeks drool over to see if girl still has it in her as one of pop’s most defining princesses. In celebration of the video premiere of Work Bitch (in two days), we’d stroll back memory lane and rank all of her eight lead singles to see which ones still sound great and which ones can we start to forget. Let’s go work it bitches.

*Clicking the photo will lead you to the YT video of the said song. 🙂

Hold It Against Me

08. Hold It Against Me (2011)
ALBUM: Femme Fatale

Sure, Femme Fatale is one of her better albums by far, but is quite unfortunate that this wasn’t represented by a great opening single. Hold It is as disposable as one gets, it’s forgettable, it’s not distinct, and it doesn’t hold up to a lot of Britney’s old songs. There’s nothing about it that makes you feel it will be remembered in a long time. If anything though, it served its purpose of Brit’s fans getting excited with new material, so it ended up its way on top of the Hot 100. But upon listening to the rest of the album, Hold It is nothing special as compared to the gems of this album. But don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you, Britney.

Oops I Did It Again

07. Oops!…I Did It Again (2000)
ALBUM: Oops!…I Did It Again

Wait what did she really do again? Come up with a dancey pop song? Lyrics containing unlimited yeahs? Add ellipsis on the title of her single? Whatever it is, Oops!… is a catchy song that simply did not hold up well. Listening to the song now shows how dated it is, but then again I understand why it’s such a hit during its release time. It has the Titanic reference, she’s wearing a red dominatrix suit, and this catapulted her into pop superstardom. It’s still fun to listen to this every now and then, and it’s a total representation of her pop status in 2000.

Me Against the Music

06. Me Against the Music (2004)
ALBUM: In the Zone

It was her first song post that VMA kiss, so it’s wise of her team to stick to the Madonna reference as her opening starter for her 2004 album In the Zone. After all, Britney rarely does collaborations and duets with other singers.  This did well, though the breathy delivery of the verses is something that refrains people from jamming with it perfectly. The video was so-so as well, though it gave enough material for some MadTV skit. This makes sense as a lead single… until we found out that it was followed by Toxic which is like one of the best Britney songs ever.


05. Womanizer (2009)
ALBUM: Circus

For her comeback single since everything that has happened to her from 2006 onwards, Britney stayed safe by opening this era with a song that is so repetitively done but is totally in her zoneWomanizer did its job as the perfect reminder of how Britney was loved by the people during her heydays: it has a catchy hook, a colorful music video, shows her body is in top form, and gives us those dancing skills we miss from her. For that alone, this is one strategic reminder of the old Britney while also introducing her to the new crowd.

Work Bitch

04. Work Bitch (2013)
ALBUM: Yet to be announced

With seven albums now, Britney must think of a way on how to maintain interests with her material given the pop female domination now. And she does it by going the EDM way with her latest single. Work Bitch is very different from her previous singles, as it is her most “dancey” yet. It has that addictive beat that is just so inviting that you’d forgive her for trying to fit words such as governor, France, and treble in it.  I was looking for that RuPaul touch though.

Gimme More

03. Gimme More (2007)
ALBUM: Blackout

Well yeah, I’m quite indifferent that people’s biggest memory of this song is that disastrous but iconic MTV VMA opening performance. With that said, never judge a song by its debut performance. Blackout is still, by far, the best Britney album to date, and Gimme More compliments it. It’s a song that never gets old and doesn’t have an “overrated” stamp in it. Also, it contain’s one of the best opening lines in any song with her three liner of “It’s Britney, Bitch!

I'm A Slave 4 U

02. I’m A Slave 4 U (2001)
ALBUM: Britney

If Britney remained teasing with her her first two albums, she manages to play with her sexuality in her third album. And to signal that, she released I’m A Slave 4 U at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards with tiger and pythons in tow. This is personally one of my favorite Britney tracks, and the music video provided more oomph to this addictive song. What I like about it is that it’s a song that gets better with each listen and that it just flat out screams sexy and sass.

Baby One More Time

01. ...Baby One More Time (1999)
ALBUM: …Baby One More Time

Come on, admit it. It’s not even a competition.There’s a reason why Britney was the teen queen and the forefront of pop when she broke out. It’s definitely …Baby One More Time. From the school setting, the “baby baby“, the endless covers, and its impact to almost everyone, there’s no doubt that this unleashed and took the bubblegum pop genre to a whole new level. Needless to say, but not only is this one of the most iconic songs of its generation, but it’s also one of the best pop songs ever.

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There you have it! The music video of Work Bitch premieres in two days, and if you have seen the behind the scene photos, this seems to be another banger from Brit herself!

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