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A day after, and Beysus still leaves me slaying for her.

I have been very critical of Beyonce for the longest time. I find her too manufactured, to say the least. But I’ve always been vocal that she’s the best entertainer among all her contemporaries. Gurl can pull off a show like no other. However, after yesterday, I’ve developed a new found admiration of her. She just schooled all these lesser pop gurls how it must be done. I guess I’ll credit this to Beyonce the entrepreneur. She ain’t playing around this time. She knows how mainstream pop for female artists this year has been underwhelming hype (Artpop), safe (Prism), or too PR dependent (Bangerz). So for her to drop an album out of nowhere is some genius marketing on its own. And I’m glad its paying off.

More than that, I like that she also evolved with her sound and her music. Beyonce, the album that is, is more mature. She comes from a different personal place with the material here. No more singing about precums or Jay Z’s dick. Nothing about satellites or overlong belting. She has moved on from that, and it shows. It comes from a place where she is comfortable enough to share a part of herself devoid from the glitz and the glamour of of the world where she belongs. To come up with a genius marketing ploy is one thing; to back it up with a quality album is another.  A part of me doesn’t eventwant her to release a single anymore. Her album provides the complete experience that it’s better to listen to it as a whole.

At this stage in her career, it’s wise of her to do such risks. She’s not competing with all these other girls now; she’s on an entirely different level. Beyonce isn’t playing by the rules this time. She’s setting it. And I’m pretty certain that years from now, this will always be one of the most innovative steps ever done in the pop world. And Beyonce deserves all the credit for that. When all is said and done, she always can be summed up in one word – ICON.


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