87th Oscars Predictions: March Edition   Leave a comment

HA! It’s a new season now! Who says it’s too early for Oscars? Well not me. On one hand, the year in advance predictions usually help since you aren’t confused yet with all the precursors and outside factors. On the other hand, this does not usually include the late in the year surprise additions to the race like those of Slumdog MillionaireMillion Dollar Baby, Crazy Heart, and even 12 Years a Slave. I checked my earliest predictions last year, and I’m surprised to learn that I did considerably good predicting four(!) of the Best Actor and Actress nominees, and three Best Supporting Actor nominees and two in their supporting counterparts. That’s quite great actually.

As for this year, here are my early bets on who’ll get nominated in the six major categories. Film descriptions were taken from IMDb while role descriptions were combined from a lot of web sources. LOL. Also, the statistics apply for their certain achievement only like number of Directing nods in the directing category only and acting nods for acting categories only. Of course I’m aware Angelina has two Oscars at home and Ben has two as well.

best picture


lead actor

lead actress

supp actor

supp actress

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