66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination Predictions: March 2014   4 comments

Oscar season is over! And the next big awards show coming up is the MTV Movie Awards Emmys!!! So it’s time to turn into TV mode again, and see which shows and stars are up for that shiny bald angel. By the way, this year has shown some changes in terms of Emmy nominations like the separation of the TV movies and miniseries (yet again), plus the six acting nominee categories in the long form. For this initial month, I’d be going over 16 categories. And I’d probably add the guest ones later in the year when the ballots are revealed.

Also, True Detective is still unsure whether it will go to Drama or Longform (I say go  to Drama and you’d have two instant wins already!), so I’d be putting it both in my Drama and Longform categories predictions just to cover both bases. Here we go!

drama series

drama actor

drama actress

drama supporting actor

drama supporting actress

comedy series

comedy actor

comedy actress

comedy supporting actor

comedy supp actress

tv movie


movie mini lead actor

movie mini actress

movie mini supp actor

movie mini supp actress

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4 responses to “66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nomination Predictions: March 2014

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  1. My vote goes to Ray Donovan and glad to see Woods and Voight getting recognized but also thought Elliot Gould and Johnathon Schaech performances in the series were outstanding. I like when characters are played realistically.

  2. I would like to see Ray Donovan recognized. Such excellent actors and writing. Jonathon Schaech played Sean Walker with such depth of emotions and true character. Jonathon should be considered for an emmy on this performance.

  3. Glad to see Jeff Perry on the list but disappointed Jonathan Schaech was not listed; not only because I am a big fan of his but because his acting in Ray Donovan show was really great.

  4. Recognition for consistency of excellence in his performance as Sean Walker in Ray Donovan Johnathon Schaech for sure!!!!!

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