87th Oscars Predictions: June Edition   8 comments

Hi everyone! After skipping the May batch (I don’t know the ideal time to post them since I waited for Cannes first), here’s the comeback of my monthly Oscar predictions. We’re nearing halfway already, and thanks to Cannes (and some more stuff), I’ve updated my predictions now with little write up on all contenders. Here’s my June batch of Oscar predictions:

best picture director lead actor lead actress supporting actor supporting actress


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8 responses to “87th Oscars Predictions: June Edition

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  1. Love these! LOL at Watts. She is the epitome of bait. Love that girl. Marion’s lack of nominations each year that she is better than everyone else alive is just gross. The Academy is stupid, and jealous…obviously.

    • Ugh I can’t at Marion still not having a comeback nod. I’ve nominated her twice already post-La vie en Rose. the Academy should know better!

      What gives me pause about Watts though is she’s the only contender from her film and the past years we knew how they’re swept to the curb in favor of precursor less actors from stronger films.

  2. Happy for the Anna Kendrick and Shailene Woodley mentions. 🙂

    Sad that the raves for Julianne Moore’s performance Maps To The Stars have tremendously toned down. Any way her campaign bounces back? When is the wide release of the film?

    Switched photos of Paul Thomas Anderson and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, though. Lol!

    • Omg napansin mo din yung PTA/AGI switcheroo. Napansin ko sya pagkapost kaso tinamad na ako baguhin hahahahaha sorry naman!

      The thing is Maps to the Stars, even if it receives raves, isn’t a film that AMPAS usually touches. If the category is weak, they might, but from the looks of it, it’s somewhat crowded. She has the raves to back up her bid, but the other factors aren’ thelping her.

      • Erratum: “Julianne Moore’s performance IN Maps To The Stars”

        Pagpalitin mo na, please? #OCproblems Hahaha!

        Last year ko pa in-announce that I will be stanning for Foxcatcher. But damn, Birdman seems too good to be ignored. Ang exciting ng Lead Actor category.

        Could Reese Witherspoon truly make a comeback? (Felicity Huffman pa rin! HAHAHA!)

      • As always, Lead Actor is jampacked and I’m so excited tho I’ll be stanning hard for Carell this season hihihi. Fuck you Emmys.

        And yes, Reese will finally get her post win nomination. She’s ought to have a great 2014 with Wild and Inherent Vice tas producer pa siya ng Gone Girl so she can be nominated twice this year actually.

  3. Okay then. Go, Steve Carell!!! Show those Emmy jerks what you’re worth. Hahahaha! I’ve read reviews for Foxcatcher, and they’re glowing. Waaaaah! 😀

    Just curious: why is The Grand Budapest Hotel ranked that low? Weak Oscar chances?

    • It’s a summer film (actually earlier than summer) and in the recent decade, nothing as early as that can maintain its buzz that will translate to a BP nod except for Erin Brockovich. And ovs, this isn’t Erin Brockovich (I mean duh it’s better film but not better Oscar chances hehe), so pag nag-datingan na ang ibang contenders, kelangan may ganap pa siya to have the staying power which I doubt they have.

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