66th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions: How Did I Do?   4 comments

By now, the Emmy Awards are over. Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis Dreyfus have KISSED, Julia Roberts has reminisced her Oscar loss to Kathy Bates in 1991, Julianna Margulies shaded cable television, and Benedict Cumberbatch has won one of the EGOT (ick). But after a month long analysis of almost all categories and lumping them up here, how did I fare? Given it’s the Emmys, I say I did well. Though the “alternate” curse has struck me in more ways than one this year, I say I gave myself a pat on the back for doing good enough and even tied for first place (YASSS!) for Awards Watch’ Emmy experts. In a snap, here’s how exactly I performed in predicting the “best” of TV this year.

*the prediction ranking s where I ranked them in terms of winning likelihood in my analysis
** You can click he images to make them larger!





Realiy and Variety


Like what I said, given the unpredictability of the Emmys, I’m definitely good with my performance this year. I only had two total fail predictions (Benedict Cumberbatch and “Buridan’s Ass” in Directing) and both are in fourth place. Until next year!

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4 responses to “66th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions: How Did I Do?

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  1. Galit kay Cumberbatch? 😀 Sobrang happy for Mom and MF hehehe

    • HAHAHAHA. Srsly nanood ako ng tapes, halatang naghahabol sila sa Sherlock and mukhang dinecide na nila ibigay na lang na pakonswelo. Happy for Freeman though.

      Also for MF and Janney!!! And I know Team Broadcast ka pero enough of Parsons srsly.

  2. OK lang ako kay Parsons kasi ayoko sa mga kalaban niya lol. I was really hoping for Robin Williams (sucker for a comeback story kaso oh well) talaga kaso walang buzz and nacancel yung show. Kundi si Parsons, Ok sana si Matt LeBlanc.Or sana mag lead na MF cast next year haha

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