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This is the other “Variety” category after they’ve separated both the talk and sketch programs this year, even if the talk shows have mostly dominated the combined Variety Series Emmy category before. And even then, five of the usual regulars in the category have just transferred to this one. Let’s begin!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went with their post Superbowl episode this year highlighting the viral Lipsync battle between Jimmy, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell with Drew Barrymore making a special guest appearance. It also has the “We Are the Champions” montage with different superstars such as Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, and One Direction with Jimmy and The Roots. That said, while this is superstar filled, it doesn’t compare much with the rest of its competition.

Speaking of superstar filled, Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s submission this year is their post-Oscar special (just like the previous years). And this year, they really brought in the big ones. There’s the acting skit with Jimmy including Matt Damon and Jennifer Aniston plus an interview with Oscar host and multiple Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris. However, it’s a bit mystifying why they keep on submitting it when it hasn’t bode well for them in the past.

10x winner The Daily Show with Jon Stewart should never be underestimated especially if we’re to look at its history. There’s a reason why it dominated the category for a whole decade. This year, the show submitted the Gordon Rose episode featuring the ten minute monologue about the Missouri shooting of a police officer to a black teenage guy. It’s a really memorable segment that I can see it siphoning votes its way.

Meanwhile current champ The Colbert Report went with the episode entitled “Stephen Meets the President” with no other than the Commander in Chief delivering the news. Between Colbert’s last season of eligibility for Colbert Report and taking over the new Late Show moment, the show is gunning for its third consecutive win here.

Speaking of “Late Show“, coming back after years of absence is former 5x winner The Late Show with David Letterman for its last season. That’s why it’s no surprise that the show went with its final episode. It’s basically a throwback episode with lots of videos from the start of the show, and one last Top 10 with guests ranging from Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Alec Baldwin and Diane Sawyer to Jim Carrey. However, if there’s one thing missing in this final episode is the “interview”  part, as basically it’s a trip down memory lane.

The new blood in this group happens to be the HBO representative. For years it has been Real Time with Bill Maher, but with no luck, the show didn’t manage any win. They’re probably hoping that Last Week Tonight with John Oliverand its submission certainly makes it the, competitive. By going with “Government Surveillance“, the show went with a fearless interview with Edward Snowden. Had tapes been the sole basis, I’d be more comfortable predicting it, but alas, I’ll relegate it to the alternate status,

Prediction:The Colbert Report”
Alternate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Full Rankings:
01. “The Colbert Report”
02. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”
03. “Late Show with David Letterman 
04. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
05. “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
06. “Jimmy Kimmel Live

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