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Cine Mini Mania   1 comment

Okay so I’m currently obsessing about something, and I’m not referring to Walang Hanggan (though I’m also fanboying about that show LELZ). This one involves one thing that always gets my attention: MOVIES! And  movie characters to be specific.

That’s why I was so ecstatic when I saw the latest masterpiece of Eisen Bernardo in his newest photoblog entitled Cine Mini Project. Eisen’s last blog The Pinoy Criterion Collection ( was nominated for the Culture and Arts Level: Luzon Category at last year’s Philippine Blog Awards.

Based from the name of the project itself, he does miniature versions of some of the most famous movie characters. What I particularly love about this is that there’s a really wide variety of characters that were included in this collection. To give you a sample, here are some of his works:

THEME 1: Best Actress Oscar winners

That’s Best Actress 1939, Best Actress 2010, and Best Actress 1977

THEME 2: Best Actor Oscar Winners

Best Actor 2008, Best Actor 2010, Best Actor 2011, and Best Actor 1991

THEME 3: Best Supporting Winners

Best Supporting Actor 2007, and Best Supporting Actresses 2006 and 2008

THEME 4: Literary Babies

Leads of Harry Potter series, Girl with Dragon Tattoo, The Hunger Games, and Twilight

THEME 5: Film Foreigners

Characters from prominent foreign films: Spain’s Volver, Thailand’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love, France’s Amelie, and Germany’s Run Lola Run

THEME 6: Superheroes Attack

No need to describe and name them. LELZ.

THEME 7:  Timeless Classics

Iconic characters that stood the test of time by Monroe, Taylor, Hepburn, and Kelly.

THEME 8: Animation Creation

Prominent characters from award winning films Up, Spirited Away, The Incredibles, and The Little Mermaid.

THEME 9: Iconic Male Characters

Characters played by Tom Cruise, Jesse Eisenberg, Johnny Depp, and Tom Hanks

THEME 10: Iconic Female Characters

Lastly, characters popularized by Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, and Kate Winslet

If you don’t find them cute, then I don’t know what will. It’s like the Hollywood Walk of Fame for movie characters! God knows that if I wake up an instant millionaire, I’ll fund for a gallery exhibit showcasing this. The creator mentioned that he aims for 1000 movie characters and future plans include local characters as well. Yaaaay! As for who I want to see, here are 16 characters I think should have miniature representations.

1. Nurse Ratched, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
2. Marge Gunderson, Fargo
3. Mary Poppins
4. Vivian Ward, Pretty Woman
5. Annie Wilkes, Misery
6. The nuns of Doubt
7. Aibileen Clark, The Help
8. Jamal and Latika, Slumdog Millionaire
9. Nader and Simin, A Separation
10. Matt King, The Descendants
11. Megan Price, Bridesmaids
12. Col. Hans Landa, Inglourious Basterds
13. Anybody from West Side Story
14. Ennis and Jack, Brokeback Mountain
15. Susie Salmon, The Lovely Bones
16. Edna or Tracy Turnblad, Hairspray

Who do you want to see as a part of the Cine Mini Mania? Pipe em ‘in below! Also, do not forget to check out the actual site where you’ll see the above photos plus lots lots more including Bridget Jones, Sadako, Gollum, Jack and Rose, etc.

Go to: ASAP! 🙂 

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FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2012   2 comments

There are lots of good things that happen every July, but this will always be one of the more prominent ones for July is the month when FHM Philippines release their 100 Sexiest Women List. While the title has transformed into a battle of idols for the last few years, there is still something interesting about it that keeps you glued in on which vixen owns the throne as the World’s Sexiest. Anyway, Jackie Rice (for the second time) covers the issue this month, but this is the first time that the same woman is the cover of the magazine and the 100 Sexiest booklet. Before revealing the complete list, here are some observations I had while skimming the list:


That’s Jackie Rice’s sweat themed cover, and while it was apparent on the top part, the same can’t be said there below. I mean take a look:

I mean look closerrrrrrr…

O ayan nag-mukhang mga butlig at allergies yung tubig sa singit ni Jackie. Tsk tsk.


Sa FHM 100 list, kabugan ang labanan at talagng pinagtatalunan kung mamemaintain ang #1 status. However, the same can’t be said sa #99 na mukhang dinomina na ni Jem Milton sa kanyang 2nd consecutive year sa #99. Aba naman fans, boto pa ng mas masipag next year!


Take the case of FHM Beauty #85 na si Aze Sasaki:

Isa pa ulit na closer inspection:

Hindi na ka-aya ayang tignan ang mala-bukol na tumubo sa likuran ni Aze. Goes to show na hindi lahat ng sobra ay maganda.


Yung totoo. Paano nakalusot si Vice Ganda dito? Ay shet Shaina pala. Buti may nakalagay sa baba. Pati kasi yung caption na Hot Property, mas naga-apply kay Vice. Sorry Shaina. Wag mo ko sampalin nung parang sa teleserye mo.


Sabi nga sa Mean Girls, it only counts if you see the nipple. Gone are the days sa 100 Sexiest Women booklet na may nagtatopless. As a matter of fact, dalawa lang ang nagtopless at nagbuyangyang ng kanilang buong pantaas ng walang takip sa buong list. Eto sila:


IWA MOTO para sa kanyang free endorsements sa mga sumusunod na produkto: C2, Gardenia, Tropicana, Minute Pulp, at Wilkins. Salamat Iwa sa iyong mabuting kalooban. 🙂


Alam kong marami ang aalma na ang taas ni KC, pero subjective naman ang taste kaya hahayaan ko na. Pero naman. Ito na ang pinakasexy na photo na nahanap niyo sa kanya? Uhm. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.


Siya talaga ang number 1 para sa akin. Don’t worry Angel, naniniwala ako na  ikaw ang makakaunang 3 first place finish sa history ng listahan na ito. Bago pa yan, sobrang proud ko kasi 10 years ka nang nasa Top 10 at walang mintis dahil nasa Top 10 ka sa lahat ng taon na yun meaning isang dekada mo nang dino-dominate ang listahang ito. Yehey! For the record ito ang history ni Angel dito:

2003: #10
2004: #6
2005: #1
2006: #3
2007: #3
2008: #4
2009: #4
2010: #1
2011: #3
2012: #2
2013: ? Sana umber 1 ulit!

Anyway, alam kong kating kati ka na malaman ang buong listahan so eto na. Special mention ang Top 20 kasi uhm wala lang.

At eto ang rest ng listahan:

21. Junri Park
22. Bianca King
23. Bianca Manalo
24. Diana Meneses
25. Iza Calzado
26. Jef Gaitan
27. Stef Prescott
28. Carla Abellana
29. Toni Gonzaga
30. Kim Chiu
31. Ornusa Cadness
32. Aubrey Miles
33. Jessy Mendiola
34. Eula Valdez
35. Sarah Geronimo
36. Niña Jose
37. Diana Zubiri
38. Rachelle Ann Go
39. Jacq Yu
40. Erich Gonzales
41. Georgina Wilson
42. Valerie Concepcion
43. Priscilla Meirelles
44. Melissa Ricks
45. Sarah Lahbati
46. Danielle Castaño
47. Jahziel Manabat
48. Carla Humphries
49. Bea Alonzo
50. Pauleen Luna
51. Iya Villania
52. Jade Lopez
53. Kaye Abad
54. Paulene Go
55. Rhian Ramos
56. Arianne Celeste
57. LJ Reyes
58. Maja Salvador
59. Shaina Magdayao
60. Alyssa Milano
61. Kris Bernal
62. Bianca Gonzales
63. Kristel Moreno
64. Heart Evangelista
65. Wendy Valdez
66. Mariel Rodriguez
67. Shamcey Supsup
68. Julia Montes
69. Abby Poblador
70. Kim Lee
71. Julia Clarete
72. Sanya Smith
73. Isabelle Daza
74. Saicy Aguila
75. Gwendolyn Ruais
76. Mercedez Cabral
77. Rich Asuncion
78. Linda Persson
79. Jean Garcia
80. Jasmine Curtis-Smith
81. Eda Nolan
82. Chariz Solomon
83. Kylie Padilla
84. Alessandra de Rossi
85. Aze Sasaki
86. Alodia Gosiengfiao
87. Paloma
88. Karylle
89. Gwen Zamora
90. Rufa Mae Quinto
91. Kit Barraquias
92. Jed Montero
93. Jill Yulo
94. Maxene Magalona
95. Kristine Santamena
96. Maricar Reyes
97. Aifha Medina
98. Alex Gonzaga
99. Jen Milton
100. Dorina Groh

Me, Myself, and I   Leave a comment

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with others, it is a BIG MUST that you maintain one with yourself. Therefore, it is indeed needed to spend some “me time” with yourself. Not only does it make you do some crazy things that only you can understand, it also keeps you sane and grounded. 🙂

After hearing some negative things about me earlier this day, I have decided to give myself a treat. After all, the only person who can understand me the most is myself. I hurriedly left the office and went to Alabang Town Center to pamper myself. I was on the verge of watching Real Steel and/or What’s My Number, but both have already started when I reach the mall. I just decided to roam around with my jumbo Cookies and Cream Blizzard and canvassed for a new external hard drive (because my laptop is begging me to have one).

I must admit that it was a big relief; although I must say that it was at the expense of my huge belly. But what the hell? If an ice cream will give me the much needed companion for that afternoon, then so be it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that I was looking for. I was ready to go home and continue work over there when impulse suddenly controlled me, and the next thing I knew, I was already at Festival Supermall. I looked for books, magazines, and some other stuff that will make me forget the bad things that I have heard. I left my phone unreachable so that I won’t be bothered with anything. At that time, I was just enjoying the moment.

I also stopped by a Church and went for a quick moment with God and Mama Mary. I just said thanks for all the blessings that I, my family, friends, and loved ones are receiving. I also thanked Him for the progress that the Given Grace Cebanico case had. Furthermore, I prayed for YOU; that you may be guided into thinking and doing the correct things. 🙂 I went to a last stop and had a haircut so that my “tour” will be worth it. Once home, I had my hair cut and a new external hard driver to boot! (Yay!)

Of course, this does not mean that you need tons of money to make yourself feel happy (though it can be helpful. HAHAHA).  To be honest, the most fulfilling part of my day was when I talked to God. A close second of course was when I had a new EHD. LOL. Bottom line is, it’s not bad to take yourself out every once in a while. How I wish there’s mandatory date yourself day every day. Trust me, this is necessary because how people see you starts with yourself. After this day, I actually feel more loved. Why will I focus myself on one person who does not like me when there’s a looot out there who loves me? 🙂

Also, never ever focus on the negative things. If any focus is given on such, then turn them into anything positive. It definitely helps a lot. Actually, I’m already looking forward to my next date with myself. 🙂

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Look At Me Now   2 comments

Di ko man madaan sa mukha, idadaan ko na lang sa damit. Haha. Hello Enchong, pareho tayo ng suot. Haha. ♥

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Tears Dry on Their Own   1 comment


There’s always something mysterious and captivating about addiction. At first, it can be harmless. The less harm you think it brings, the opposite it actually does to you. Whether it’s internet usage, alcohol, or pornography, all of them starts with curiosity. That curiosity keeps on growing, and before you know it, you’re already into it. After you realize that, you try so hard, and do every single thing you can to avoid it, until you yourself realize that the mere act of avoiding becomes the new habit.

Last Saturday, we lost one of the most amazing talents we have. Amy Winehouse was found dead and unperceptive in her own apartment. At a very young age of 27, Winehouse already managed to be a legend. To be honest, I already sensed that this day will probably come, but never this early. I guess everyone is aware how much she struggled with her fight against all the demons that have lived inside her. But despite that, there’s still this glimmering sign of hope in me that this is just a phase, and she’ll get over this and fix everything.

Apparently, it was already late. As a fan, I am devastated. From what I’ve known of her, she is a sweet, hardworking girl that was troubled. She needs help, and for some unknown reason, she can’t fight all of these storms that brave her way. It breaks my heart that she was a laughing stock to most people because of her addiction to substance. It’s a shame that she wasn’t given the chance to redeem herself and show others the Amy that her fans learned to love and appreciate.

Whatever made her dependent on substance is something that we’ll never know. It can be depression, it can be pressure, it can be frustration, or it can be fame. But what I did know was that the world should know more of her talents. Her vocals were amazing and unique. Her songwriting skills were some of the rawest, and most honest I have ever heard. She opened the doors not only for British female singers to make a name for themselves in the US, but more than that, she made us embrace her and her music despite her imperfections. If anything, her music is nearly flawless. It’s sad that the world won’t be able to hear new music from her.

It has always been clear to her fans that Amy is not the most good-looking singer out there; nor the sexiest one like every pop star we see nowadays. If anything, she isn’t manufactured like them, but that didn’t stop people from loving her. She has always been transparent, and her songs reflect her personal look in life. She has SOUL. The same can’t be said about any of her contemporaries.

Her album Back to Black made me fell in love with her. I even made a review about it three years ago, and indicated that I hope she gets to fix her personal issues because the world needs more of her talents. I gave the album a spin a while ago, and it never lost any inch of magic that she inserted into the record. I still remember her genuine reaction when it was announced that she won the Grammy for Record of the Year, and how tearful she was when she made her speech. She deserved the recognition fair and square, yet I can’t believe how humble her reaction was.

While it was Back to Black that introduced her to me, it was her underrated album Frank that made me know her more. Adele summed it best when she said that “ i don’t think she ever realised just how brilliant she was and how important she is, but that just makes her even more charming.”

We only get to see a talent like hers once in a blue moon. Though I can’t explain more how much I’d love for her to come back, I still thank Amy for sharing her talents to us. Your music is and will always be remembered.  I know that you’re watching us now from heaven, and you don’t want us to be devastated, and if anything, we’ll celebrate your short existence and how you’ll always be an inspiration to all of us.

You’ll surely be missed, Amy!  Thank you for everything! 🙂

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Officially Missing You   Leave a comment

Finals ng Devcomsoc last weekend. So yes, wala po akong boses. Anyway, share ko lang ‘to:

Same resort. (Almost) same pose. Same batch. 🙂

Miss ko na kayo HELIX. Ang tanda na natin yet we’re still the coolest. Haha!

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Happy   2 comments


Reserved IMAX tickets for HP7 Part 2! Hurray! 🙂

Oh boy I am sooo soo excited! Good company, and good movie. I bet my sister will be surprised as hell when I tell her that we finally scored the tix! I will be seeing this with Alex, JM, Les, and Joie + my sister. So it’s like taking your child to work day but this time, it’s take your sister to HP! I promised her that we will be watching this and IMAX, and I promised JM and Alex as well the same. So instead of paying two tickets, I just included her in our trip.

I just want to share my happiness. LOL. Anyway, tickets sell like hot pancakes, so you better reserve now! 🙂

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Sexy Chick   11 comments

Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you’re all doing perfectly fine. As for me, it has been a pretty busy week . I’m in the middle of finding (securing?) a job for myself as it may have occurred to you that I just finished college. Yay!

Time flies so fast eh? We’re already on the second half of the year! Next thing you know, Christmas is fast approaching already! Anyway before we get any farther, since it’s already July, that pretty means one thing: IT’S FHM’S SEXIEST WOMEN LIST MONTH! I used to get excited with the results (and sometimes I still do), until I realized that there are lots of factors that play before compiling up the list. I know sexiness is something subjective but some patterns I saw were: FHM cover girls of the past year gets major advantage, Starstruck girls gets automatic inclusion, and they’ll try to include at most three foreign women every year.

So before, I share to you the list for this year (top 20 with pictures included), let me share to you what I saw while browsing this morning.

That’s supposed to be Sheree. Oh god, I still can’t stop laughing. I ‘m no master of photoshop but I feel that there’s something wrong with the picture. Yeah, it’s the hydro-cephalic head of hers. If you actually look at the comments section where this photo was posted, you’ll find comments like..

bkit prang nilagay lng un muka ni sheree ???,” “may butas yan tapos isinuot lang yung ulo nya. hahaha,” bakla yan.,” and “ano to comedy???”

In her defense, she instantly reminded me of this:

That’s a clip from the Michel Gondry music video Let Forever Be (by The Chemical Brothers). There you go, you’ve finally found your next career path, Sheree! 🙂

Enough about that, here’s this year’s top 20 list of FHM Sexiest Women for 2011:

Very very happy for Bianca Manalo, and Regine Angeles! This will probably be their highest ranking on the list. Anne Curtis deserves to be in the top ten for what it’s worth. Even her daily actions scream SEXY! Rhian is probablyone of the Kapuso stars I like so it’s pretty sad she’s on the lower tiers. As for Iya, I really like her but I don’t think she has found the perfect footing to maintain success status.

Aside from Angelica Panganiban, not liking this batch at all. I think that Valerie Concepcion is a good mom though. 🙂

I am digigng Ellen Adarna much and I’m happy to see her here. I’m no fan of Jackie Rice but she always exudes this sexiness every time I see her on the cover of any magazine, and this is no exception. Iwa Moto must feel frustrated yet again, as she failed to grab the title of Philippines’ Finest. You know she’s itching to have that one. Jennylyn is the definition of a MILF, and yay for her rankings! Ditch Luis Manzano, and maybe you’ll rank higher in my books! LOL. Katrina? Meh. She should be somewhere in the mid 60s.

Now I’m okay with these top five, though I’d re-arrange the rankings. Solenn is hot by any means but I’m feeling that her overexposure lessens her hotness factor. Cristine and Angel will still be my top two no matter what. LOL. Marian’s okay, I find her overrated. Sam Pinto does not deserve the title but anyone who’ll bump Marian off the top spot is fine by me. I feel she lacks in the “ooh” department, though she can still work on that.

Here’s the rest of the list:

21. Bianca King
22. Kim Chiu
23. Diana Zubiri
24. Heart Evangelista
25. Michelle Madrigal
26. Mariel Rodriguez
27. Kris Bernal
28. Priscilla Meirelles
29. Toni Gonzaga
30. Ornusa Cadness
31. KC Concepcion
32. Misa Campo
33. Carla Humphries
34. Aubrey Miles
35. Bea Alonzo
36. Maja Salvador
37. Sarah Geronimo
38. Erich Gonzales
39. Rich Asuncion
40. Pauleen Luna
41. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
42. Gwen Zamora
43. Georgina Wilson
44. Daiana Menezes
45. Iza Calzado
46. Eula Valdez
47. Janna Dominguez
48. Jef Gaitan
49. Kristel Moreno
50. Carla Abellana
51. Niña Jose
52. Paloma
53. Wendy Valdez
54. Jacq Yu
55. Megan Fox
56. Rachel Donaire
57. Jean Garcia
58. Karylle
59. Paulene So
60. LJ Reyes
61. Shaina Magdayao
62. Stef Prescott
63. Regine Velasquez
64. Maureen Larrazabal
65. Jennica Garcia
66. Rachel Ann go
67. Andi Eigenmann
68. Jahziel Manabat
69. Isabelle Daza
70. Aze Sasaki
71. RR Enriquez
72. Julia Clarete
73. Paw Diaz
74. Alessandra De Rossi
75. Abby Poblador
76. Alyssa Alano
77. Bella Padilla
78. Maria Ozawa
79. Jinri Park
80. Sheena Halili
81. Maegan Young
82. Sheree
83. EB Babes
84. Jen Rosendahl
85. Jessie Mendiola
86. Rufa Mae Quinto
87. Saicy Aguila
88. Alodia Gosiengfiao
89. Kitty Girls
90. Kylie Padilla
91. Alex Gonzaga
92. Jamilla Obispo
93. Maui Taylor
94. Chariz Solomon
95. Ryza Cenon
96. Nadine Samonte
97. Mocha Uson
98. Gwyenth Ceridwen
99. Jem Milton
100. Mercedes Cabral
 Who deserves to be there? Who doesn't? And more so, who's your personal pick? :)

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One Click Away   2 comments

Hey everyone! So while I’m still busy putting up my next random movie list (or TV list, I still haven’t decided which to prioritize), I’ll just provide some very entertaining links.

First off, is a blog (probably under the fashion category) by my good friend Trixie Velasquez.

(if you click the picture, it will lead you to the site :D)

Well as you may notice, the blog is named NAILFILED and it features different styles on nail polish goodies. There’s a lot of interesting stuff that you can find out regarding the latest colors, and trends in nail polishes. Also, the commendable thing with this blog is that the blog owner clearly knows her stuff, and her posts are  fun to read. The entries are not very long, and they won’t take too much of your time. I highly recommend it to women and girls out there. Here’s hoping you pass on the message so that others will get to discover this one gem of a blog. 🙂

In other news, Katy Perry’s latest video for Last Friday Night has already leaked. It is suppose to come out a few days later but it is already posted on the internet. I actually loved the video and is probably her most fun video to date. This is why Katy Perry continues to turn out hits. Her videos are fun, light, and wacky; something the audience will eat up and easily gets into. You better watch our for the cameos, that really made me ROTFL.

I’m already predicting that this will be the song of the summer in US though it will face  a lot of competition with Pitbull’s Give Me Everything, Britney’s I Wanna Go, Rihanna’s Man Down, and probably Gaga’s The Edge of Glory.

Anyway, just click the picture for the link to Katy’s video. Better check it now before someone takes it down. LOL.

Credit for the music video goes to

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Waiting on the World to Change   1 comment


So yeah, as I wait for live updates on the MTV Movie Awards which is now more known as the MTV Twilight Awards, it makes me wonder why the hell are these stupid kids even voting for this shit!?!??! I know this is the MTV MOVIE AWARDS for christ sake. So this is not like the Oscars and this is supposed to be the fun, hip, awards that cater to the youth. But the last three years has been full of crap. It’s generation gap maybe but I didn’t even expect they’ll go this low. And I mean way way way low.

Anyway, let me rant some more about this Twilight series. I can actually live with it getting nominated. This is no Academy Awards after all. So some wins are pretty much set in stone. As of this writing, the whole saga already won 15 awards and all the losses are everytime Lautner and Pattinson are up against each other and Pattinson wins. I can even actually accept it winning some of the golden popcorns but what bugs me the most is Kristen Stewart winning a third consecutive Best Female Performance trophy when she shouldn’t have won even once. Let’s look at the competition.

In 2009, she’s up against four Oscar nominees (all nominated that year) and they chose her. Granted both Jolie and Hathaway weren’t nominated for their Oscar recognized roles, but do you seriously think that Stewart will emerge as the winner!?!??! In 2010, she was up against Sandra Bullock (that was even her year!) and Avatar’s Zoe Saldana. Then this year, she beat Natalie Portman and Emma Stone!?!??! GEEZ.

I know it might be a bit trivial that I’m using the Twilight-MTV Awards connection to prove my argument but if this is what skews to the taste of the youth right now, then Whitney spoke too soon when she sang “I believe the children are our future.” If that’s the case then we’re all gonna be werewolves and vampires, and all girls will be whores with weird lovelife choices. Good Lord!

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