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Sexy Chick   11 comments

Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you’re all doing perfectly fine. As for me, it has been a pretty busy week . I’m in the middle of finding (securing?) a job for myself as it may have occurred to you that I just finished college. Yay!

Time flies so fast eh? We’re already on the second half of the year! Next thing you know, Christmas is fast approaching already! Anyway before we get any farther, since it’s already July, that pretty means one thing: IT’S FHM’S SEXIEST WOMEN LIST MONTH! I used to get excited with the results (and sometimes I still do), until I realized that there are lots of factors that play before compiling up the list. I know sexiness is something subjective but some patterns I saw were: FHM cover girls of the past year gets major advantage, Starstruck girls gets automatic inclusion, and they’ll try to include at most three foreign women every year.

So before, I share to you the list for this year (top 20 with pictures included), let me share to you what I saw while browsing this morning.

That’s supposed to be Sheree. Oh god, I still can’t stop laughing. I ‘m no master of photoshop but I feel that there’s something wrong with the picture. Yeah, it’s the hydro-cephalic head of hers. If you actually look at the comments section where this photo was posted, you’ll find comments like..

bkit prang nilagay lng un muka ni sheree ???,” “may butas yan tapos isinuot lang yung ulo nya. hahaha,” bakla yan.,” and “ano to comedy???”

In her defense, she instantly reminded me of this:

That’s a clip from the Michel Gondry music video Let Forever Be (by The Chemical Brothers). There you go, you’ve finally found your next career path, Sheree! 🙂

Enough about that, here’s this year’s top 20 list of FHM Sexiest Women for 2011:

Very very happy for Bianca Manalo, and Regine Angeles! This will probably be their highest ranking on the list. Anne Curtis deserves to be in the top ten for what it’s worth. Even her daily actions scream SEXY! Rhian is probablyone of the Kapuso stars I like so it’s pretty sad she’s on the lower tiers. As for Iya, I really like her but I don’t think she has found the perfect footing to maintain success status.

Aside from Angelica Panganiban, not liking this batch at all. I think that Valerie Concepcion is a good mom though. 🙂

I am digigng Ellen Adarna much and I’m happy to see her here. I’m no fan of Jackie Rice but she always exudes this sexiness every time I see her on the cover of any magazine, and this is no exception. Iwa Moto must feel frustrated yet again, as she failed to grab the title of Philippines’ Finest. You know she’s itching to have that one. Jennylyn is the definition of a MILF, and yay for her rankings! Ditch Luis Manzano, and maybe you’ll rank higher in my books! LOL. Katrina? Meh. She should be somewhere in the mid 60s.

Now I’m okay with these top five, though I’d re-arrange the rankings. Solenn is hot by any means but I’m feeling that her overexposure lessens her hotness factor. Cristine and Angel will still be my top two no matter what. LOL. Marian’s okay, I find her overrated. Sam Pinto does not deserve the title but anyone who’ll bump Marian off the top spot is fine by me. I feel she lacks in the “ooh” department, though she can still work on that.

Here’s the rest of the list:

21. Bianca King
22. Kim Chiu
23. Diana Zubiri
24. Heart Evangelista
25. Michelle Madrigal
26. Mariel Rodriguez
27. Kris Bernal
28. Priscilla Meirelles
29. Toni Gonzaga
30. Ornusa Cadness
31. KC Concepcion
32. Misa Campo
33. Carla Humphries
34. Aubrey Miles
35. Bea Alonzo
36. Maja Salvador
37. Sarah Geronimo
38. Erich Gonzales
39. Rich Asuncion
40. Pauleen Luna
41. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
42. Gwen Zamora
43. Georgina Wilson
44. Daiana Menezes
45. Iza Calzado
46. Eula Valdez
47. Janna Dominguez
48. Jef Gaitan
49. Kristel Moreno
50. Carla Abellana
51. Niña Jose
52. Paloma
53. Wendy Valdez
54. Jacq Yu
55. Megan Fox
56. Rachel Donaire
57. Jean Garcia
58. Karylle
59. Paulene So
60. LJ Reyes
61. Shaina Magdayao
62. Stef Prescott
63. Regine Velasquez
64. Maureen Larrazabal
65. Jennica Garcia
66. Rachel Ann go
67. Andi Eigenmann
68. Jahziel Manabat
69. Isabelle Daza
70. Aze Sasaki
71. RR Enriquez
72. Julia Clarete
73. Paw Diaz
74. Alessandra De Rossi
75. Abby Poblador
76. Alyssa Alano
77. Bella Padilla
78. Maria Ozawa
79. Jinri Park
80. Sheena Halili
81. Maegan Young
82. Sheree
83. EB Babes
84. Jen Rosendahl
85. Jessie Mendiola
86. Rufa Mae Quinto
87. Saicy Aguila
88. Alodia Gosiengfiao
89. Kitty Girls
90. Kylie Padilla
91. Alex Gonzaga
92. Jamilla Obispo
93. Maui Taylor
94. Chariz Solomon
95. Ryza Cenon
96. Nadine Samonte
97. Mocha Uson
98. Gwyenth Ceridwen
99. Jem Milton
100. Mercedes Cabral
 Who deserves to be there? Who doesn't? And more so, who's your personal pick? :)

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One Click Away   2 comments

Hey everyone! So while I’m still busy putting up my next random movie list (or TV list, I still haven’t decided which to prioritize), I’ll just provide some very entertaining links.

First off, is a blog (probably under the fashion category) by my good friend Trixie Velasquez.

(if you click the picture, it will lead you to the site :D)

Well as you may notice, the blog is named NAILFILED and it features different styles on nail polish goodies. There’s a lot of interesting stuff that you can find out regarding the latest colors, and trends in nail polishes. Also, the commendable thing with this blog is that the blog owner clearly knows her stuff, and her posts are  fun to read. The entries are not very long, and they won’t take too much of your time. I highly recommend it to women and girls out there. Here’s hoping you pass on the message so that others will get to discover this one gem of a blog. 🙂

In other news, Katy Perry’s latest video for Last Friday Night has already leaked. It is suppose to come out a few days later but it is already posted on the internet. I actually loved the video and is probably her most fun video to date. This is why Katy Perry continues to turn out hits. Her videos are fun, light, and wacky; something the audience will eat up and easily gets into. You better watch our for the cameos, that really made me ROTFL.

I’m already predicting that this will be the song of the summer in US though it will face  a lot of competition with Pitbull’s Give Me Everything, Britney’s I Wanna Go, Rihanna’s Man Down, and probably Gaga’s The Edge of Glory.

Anyway, just click the picture for the link to Katy’s video. Better check it now before someone takes it down. LOL.

Credit for the music video goes to

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Waiting on the World to Change   1 comment


So yeah, as I wait for live updates on the MTV Movie Awards which is now more known as the MTV Twilight Awards, it makes me wonder why the hell are these stupid kids even voting for this shit!?!??! I know this is the MTV MOVIE AWARDS for christ sake. So this is not like the Oscars and this is supposed to be the fun, hip, awards that cater to the youth. But the last three years has been full of crap. It’s generation gap maybe but I didn’t even expect they’ll go this low. And I mean way way way low.

Anyway, let me rant some more about this Twilight series. I can actually live with it getting nominated. This is no Academy Awards after all. So some wins are pretty much set in stone. As of this writing, the whole saga already won 15 awards and all the losses are everytime Lautner and Pattinson are up against each other and Pattinson wins. I can even actually accept it winning some of the golden popcorns but what bugs me the most is Kristen Stewart winning a third consecutive Best Female Performance trophy when she shouldn’t have won even once. Let’s look at the competition.

In 2009, she’s up against four Oscar nominees (all nominated that year) and they chose her. Granted both Jolie and Hathaway weren’t nominated for their Oscar recognized roles, but do you seriously think that Stewart will emerge as the winner!?!??! In 2010, she was up against Sandra Bullock (that was even her year!) and Avatar’s Zoe Saldana. Then this year, she beat Natalie Portman and Emma Stone!?!??! GEEZ.

I know it might be a bit trivial that I’m using the Twilight-MTV Awards connection to prove my argument but if this is what skews to the taste of the youth right now, then Whitney spoke too soon when she sang “I believe the children are our future.” If that’s the case then we’re all gonna be werewolves and vampires, and all girls will be whores with weird lovelife choices. Good Lord!

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Pokerface   1 comment

Bibihira lang sa buhay natin ang pagkakataong makakakita tayo ng random na tao na kamukha natin. Syempre exempted na dyan ang mga magulang at iba pang kamag-anakan natin. Yung mga taong never heard talaga natin tas biglang pagtingin natin ay para tayong nakaharap sa isang salamin. Syempre may mga pagkakataon na ang kamukha natin ay sobrang ganda o gwapo ng itsura at masasabi na natin na iyon ang “stress free prettier/more handsome version” of me. Kaso ang ibig sabihin natin ikaw yung panget na version. Hahaha. Minsan naman ay may mga tao na sa sobrang sikat ng kamukha ay nawawalan na ng privacy, and worse, ng personality. Hanggang istura na lang ang kaya nilang ioffer.

Take this for instance: sa mundo ng showbiz, andaming artista ang nakikilala sa umpisa bilang kamukha ng isa pang mas sikat na personalidad. Si Joem Bascon ay isang Piolo Pascual clone. Si Sheree ang millennium version ni Vivian Velez. Si John Lapuz ang nawawalang kakambal ni Jett Pangan. Hahaha. Yan ang tinutukoy ko na nawawalan ng personality. Hangga’t di sila gagawa ng paraan upang makilala, habambuhay na silang nakatago sa anino ng mga nauna at mas sikat sa kanila.

Sa buong buhay ko, bibihira ko lang din naman masasabi na nakakita ako ng taong kahawig ko talaga ang itsura. Hindi yung mga jokes kung saan basta may lalaking mataba ako na yun (unless ako yung matabang Sam Milby sa My Big Love, okay lang sa akin yun) or lahat ng singkit eh ako na din. Or pag minalas basta’t mataba’t singkit eh ako na (unless ako nga yung tinutukoy nila). Una akong nakakita ng kamukha eh nung Grade 6 ako. Kabatch ko siya. Konti lang naman kami kaya kilala namin lahat. Hindi kami magkasection. May mga nagsasabing kaya daw ganun eh para dispersed ang itsura namin, tig-isa sa dalawang section. Aaminin ko na kamukha ko siya, pareho kaming payat tas hindi ko mapinpoint specifically kung saan kami hawig (mata siguro) pero yung final product eh mapagkakamalan nga kaming magkadugo. Last time I checked eh hindi na naman kami magkamukha so siguro dala lang yan ng teenage years (Kung makaimbento naman ako. HAHAHAHA).

Ang pangalawang masasabi kong kamukha ko eh nung 2nd year HS ako at siya ay yung batang gumanap na batang Johnny sa unang Endless Love. Bilang may taste naman akot at hindi ako isang Kapuso, hindi ko alam na nageexist ang taong ito. O for reference, look at this picture:

Oo sa maniwala ka o hindi eh kahawig ko yan. Hindi pa naman ako patabaing baboy noon. O mabalik na ako, umaga after ipalabas ng Endless Love, ay tinatawag na akong Johnny ng mga tao. Wala naman akong ideya kung sino yun. Nakatulong rin siguro na blue ang polo sa school uniform namin. May isang beses na tumawag sa bahay namin ang nanay ng isa kong kaklase at pinilit ako manood ng Endless Love para daw makita ko na siya. To be fair ay antagal ko naghalungkat kung meron akong picture ng mga panahong to at sa kinasamaang palad ay wala dahil hindi pa uso ang digicam nun.

Sumunod ay nung kolehiyo na ako. Sabi ng aking mga mababait na kaibigan ay kamukha ko daw si Bekimon. Yung komedyante na sidekick ni Bianca Manalo sa Juanita Banana. Dahil daw ito pareko kaming mataba at malapad ang mukha. Pero nakita ko na si Bekimon sa personal at ako ang magpapatunay na hindi kami magkamukha. Kutis pa lang eh tiklop na ako sa kanya. May mga resemblance siguro pero hindi yung parang pinagbiyak na bunga ang itsura namin. Pero para fair, ito ang larawan courtesy of Trixie Velasquez.

Hindi naman sa lahat ng pagkakataon ay tatanggapin ko ang mga sinasabi ng mga tao ka kamukha ko. Hindi naman ako choosy no dahil wala akong karapatang maging choosy dahil hindi naman maganda ang itsura ko. Kamukha ko raw si Magnifico pero nung pre-rehab days pa niya. Pero naman, hindi maitatanggi na ang katulad ng susunod niyong makikita ay madaling pabulaanan at kathang isip lamang ng mga high na tao na nagngangalang Pam Quintos.

Tandaan niyo na hanggang mamatay ako ay idedeny ko na kahawig ko si Nadia Montenegro.

Para sa aking gradpic, ginamit ko ang isang matabang singkit bilang isang inspiration. Si Russell ng Up. Hehe.

At ngayong linggo lang ay nakita ko na ang pangatlong taong aaminin ko na kamukha ko. Tinext lang ako ng isang kaibigan na kamukha ko nga daw ang isang nasa commercial ng noodles. Naisip ko ng icheck pero nawala ito sa isip ko hanggang may magbanggit na naman na kamukha ko nga daw. So salamat kay YouTube at nakita ko ang commercial. Pagkakita ko ay natatawa ako dahil aamin na ako na kamukha ko nga siya. Hahahaha. Yung sa commercial ng Kari at Po-ku ng nLucky Me. Yung isa dun na hindi nakasalamin. O ito na nga bago ka pa maghanap:

Ayan natatawa na naman ako. Ganyang ganyan ang itsura ko pag nakapikit at ganyan din ang bagsak ng buhok ko. Haha. Pero mas payat daw siya so sana wake up call na yan na sumali na ako sa Biggest Loser.. este na magpapayat ako. Haha. Pero nakakatawa dahil ang mga kakilala ko eh malalaman na magkahawig nga kami.

O ano, kamukha ko ba siya? And moreover, ikaw sino ang kamukha mo? 🙂

EDIT: May nagpaalala sa akin ng isang kamukha ko. Kayo na ang humusga:

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Loser Like Me   2 comments

 “It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces. “

-Bridget Jones

Bridget managed to sum up what I feel right now. At one point, this day showed an immense amount of potential on this one goal that I’m aiming. However, this same goal produced another nerve-wracking, dream-shattering scenario. This kind of awkward feeling seems to happen more often that it should have.

Why oh why does it always have to be this way? Usually, when someone has a problem, people say it’s just a bump on the road. When the same person encounters another problem, they’ll say “If you managed to get out of the previous one, then you”ll have no problem getting out of this one.” But what happens when there’s a follow up problem again? It’s not even de ja vu anymore, but more of “Get used to it! You’re life really sucks!”

So in a nutshell, I’m getting used to it. Loser much. Of course it wasn’t indicated in the loser handbook that I’m not allowed to be happy every now and then so I’m still thankful that there are people who never fails to cheer me up, especially my inaanak Jat and apo Freddie.  🙂

The road to contentment is acceptance. So I guess I better get started driving towards that one. Funny that when a loser starts to embrace himself and learns to accept his fate, that’s when he starts to be a winner. So while being a loser reflects some negative connotations, it’s not the end of the world for us. Cheers to all losers out there!

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Prom   6 comments

So this post was done because I have just seen Glee‘s prom episode, and boy does that bring back happy memories. You see, JS prom was a big deal way back in high school. This is probably the perfect moment to travel back to my own prom experiences.

The first one, will always be special I guess because of the obvious reasons: first time to invite a date, wear a tux, and fancy the moment where all my classmates are dressed to kill. I have this thing of enjoying special moments like proms, and debuts, as the closest I’ll ever experience a Golden Globe or Oscar moment so I always anticipate events like that. LELZ.

Anyway, prom day itself was pretty hectic. I actually need to be there earliest because I’m hosting the first part of the program. No, not the red carpet you morons. I’m no Ryan Seacrest, I don’t host the pre-show; I do main show. Haha! But since I’m the emcee, I’m forced to miss the part where each pair will be introduced and they will meet in the middle and the cameras will flash ala Oscar red carpet. You know why? Because I’m the one who will be calling them one by one. Sucks for me though. It did not help that my prom date whose name is Micole (Imagine all Nicole-Micole puns that night) did not like the dress that was made for her so she went into a sudden gown hunting hours before the event. The last time we talked was before I left to go to the venue and we settled for a blue motif. Haha.

The prom part was actually fun, and the venue was just majestic. There’s a big dance floor in the middle, and it was a big air-conditioned place. The food service quite sucked because by the moment we’re done hosting, we’re literally at the end of the buffet line. In a surprising turn of events, the color of my partner’s gown perfectly matched the color of the long sleeves I’m wearing.  The bad part though was that I lost all copies of prom pictures I had during my junior year. I guess there was one left but I used it in my scrapbook for my Psychology 1 class. LOL.

The senior year prom was more relaxed I’d say. The fuzz of being prom newbies is already over, and the atmosphere was more of us, being too sentimental since there’s only less than two months left before we all go our separate ways for college. My prom partner for this year was Bianca, and our motif was pink. I finally had the experience of the “paparazzi” taking you photos while at the middle of the venue, and it made me wonder how overrated that was. Hahaha!

                                                                                                   Me and my bestfriend, Senior Prom

The tradition of class prophecy was read and we’re the one who’ll choose what profession did we like to be shown for prom presentation. Being the typical ambitious attention whore that I am, I chose to be the one from our class who’ll be an Oscar winner someday. They even showed a picture of my head on Sean Penn’s body with him clutching his Oscar.  I’m sorry but that will never ever happen. Who am I kidding? Hahaha! Next part was the reading of the Class Will and Testament which I read together with Monique. I even have a copy of the file in my laptop. The rest of the night was just pure dance floor fun with us dancing as if there’s no tomorrow. When the last song was played, half of the class were already hungry and half were sentimental. I’ll consider myself as half hungry, and half sentimental. Prom King and Queen were announced and the overplayed King and Queen of Hearts was played once last time.


                                                                      Dance floor fun! 🙂                                                                Can you try to find me? Haha. 

Yeah, I didn’t win Prom Prince or Prom King, nor did it have so much drama like the one I’ve seen on Glee. Prom only happens twice in a lifetime, and some doesn’t even have their own prom experience. That’s why I totally get it when people are hyping it up, because it definitely is a cherry on top of many wonderful high school memories. Prom is the highlight of our patweetums years, and will always be magical for me.

So you, what’s your prom experience? 🙂

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