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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 30   Leave a comment

DAY 30:  Your Favorite Film This Time Last Year (Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Farris, 2006)

First of all, WHEW! I made it til the 30th day. Hahaha. So this will be my last post for my 30 Day Film Challenge. 🙂

Little Miss Sunshine is the little movie that could. As a matter of fact, it did. It successfully captured the hearts of both the young and the old. The Hoovers, as dysfunctional as they can be, is what defines a family. Whether you all have different perspectives in life, at the end of the day you still belong to a family. Michael Arndt’s very touching and truthful screenplay is one of the high points of the film. Plus, the ensemble as well who all delivered. Standouts were Steve Carell as the gay uncle and Toni Collette as the sane mom.

It was my favorite film this time last year, and still is my favorite film this year. I just think this movie is the perfect way to end this countdown on a high note. 🙂

NEXT UP: 100 DAY FILM CHALLENGE! But I’ll probably think about it first. 🙂

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29   Leave a comment

DAY 29: Your Favorite Film As a Kid – Toy Story (Lee Unkrich, 1995)

This was an easy choice for me. By this time, I think I only saw two movies: Power Ranger the Movie and this one. And while I’ll always consider myself as Power Ranger Red, this one has left a bigger and longer impact on me. No arguments needed, I literally grew up with this movie franchise. And it never lost its magic even once. 🙂

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 28   2 comments

DAY 28: The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen – Zyzzyx Rd (John Penney, 2006)

I know, I know. You were all thinking WTF. What the hell did I take to watch this film. Truth is, I don’t even think you know this film exists, and I can’t blame you. It stars then struggling actress Katherine Heigl, and by looking at the poster, you’ll know this ain’t good. That’s a fact though. This was cheap Z-movie (can’t even say B movie) from start to end. The reason why I “discovered” this was I was researching on the film that is the lowest box office hit of all time, and yes you’re looking at it now.

For a budget of two million, it earned 20 dollars for its whole run. Actually, it was shown for six days in a cinema somewhere in Texas, and earned 30 dollars. But one of the three people who watched it wanted a refund, so the total earnings went back to 20 bucks. However, the purpose of the film was mainly to complete a necessity requirement to eb a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

I’m not fabricating any story here. That’s as true as it gets. LOL. I was even surprised to see a torrent of this film because I didn’t even think they’ll spend more money on DVDs. Hahaha. Anyway, that’s new found information for you guys!

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 27   Leave a comment

DAY 27: Your Favorite Independent Film – Once (John Carney, 2007)

This is one small movie that has one big impact. I chose this because the movie is really independent (for the love of God, it was shot using a video camera). But that didn’t hinder it from delivering what the message of the film was. It’s a film about love. But unlike any other stories about love, it was never afraid to show love that hurts. Or love that doesn’t have a happy ending. Or that love is experimental by nature. There’s this emotional aspect that the film conveys so much that it makes me fall in love with the film the more I watch it.

And oh, Falling Slowly is definitely one of the best movie soundtrack in the history of cinema. That’s how good it was. IMO, it’s even one of the best songs ever.  🙂

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 26   Leave a comment

Day 26: Your Favorite Foreign Language Film – Amelie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001)

I love how simple the approach with this film is, but still manages to get through you every single time. Amelie probably lives her life to the fullest and enjoys every single moment of it. Tautou sells every scene she’s in and does it with so much fun and wit that it highly affects your enjoyment of the movie. Also, how beautiful was France in the film!?!??! If you’re not a fan yet, then you’ll probably fall in love with that place.

Jean Pierre-Jeunet’s screenplay and direction treats the film as it’s one big fantasy dream sequence. Far fetched? Yes. Possible? Yes as well. How I wish I’d have to live my life like Amelie, even just in a dream. 🙂

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 25   Leave a comment

DAY 25: Your Favorite Documentary Film – The Cove (Louie Psihoyos, 2009)

For someone who’s not gaga over watching documentaries (I have seen a lot, though), I find it pretty fascinating if there’s a docu I’ve seen that leaves impact days after I’ve seen it. That’s how I felt after watching The Cove. It was truthful, raw, and heartbreaking all a the same time. I’m no animal lover, but I don’t think that’s the point they’re establishing. It’s more on robbing the right of these poor dolphins to live, and co-exist with other species.

When I visited Hong Kong three years ago, we made it a requirement that we should visit a dolphin show. We actually did, but now that I know how fishy (pun intended) everything works backstage; the enjoyment factor is already gone. I recommend you to see it just so you can witness the cruelties that man can think of, for the purpose of money and power.


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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 24   Leave a comment

DAY 24: Your Favorite Animated or Children’s Film – Grave of the Fireflies (Isao Takahata, 1988)

I’ll say it in ten words: If you did not shed a tear, you are nuts!

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