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REVIEW: No Strings Attached   Leave a comment

Both Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher star in this rom-com about two friends who turned fuck buddies turned lovers turned enemies turn lovers again. I guess I spoiled the movie for you already but in short, I just want to say it’s that damn predictable… and pretty much forgettable. I’m even more excited for the similarly themed movie of Portman’s arch nemesis Mila Kunis with Justin Timberlake entitled Friends with Benefits. (Trivia: Friends with Benefits was supposed to be the title of this film but the Mila-JT one got the rights first)

Anyway, for a few bright spots. There exists a very undeniable chemistry between Portman and Kutcher and that’s the glue that sticks this whole film together. I pretty much liked the first part though where in we see Portman being the one who just wants sex and Kutcher who wants to take it to another level instead of the other way around. Natalie’s a bit wooden in some scenes (guess it’s really not her forte) but Kutcher was actually good. Instead of focusing on being this full time comedic actor, I think his career would have taken off much better if he is a heartthrob who gets to play comedy scenes as well. He still has this screen charisma.

Not horrible by any means, but a good time killer.

Grade: C+

Posted July 7, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Reviews

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