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ANALYSIS: Emmy Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series 2012   1 comment


• Dylan Baker, “The Good Wife” (Marthas and Caitlins)
• Jeremy Davies, “Justified” (Coalition)
• Ben Feldman “Mad Men” (Dark Shadows)
• Michael J. Fox, “The Good Wife” (Parenting Made Easy)
• Mark Margolis, “Breaking Bad” (Face Off)
• Jason Ritter, “Parenthood” (Politics)

I find this group of nominees even better than my prediction ones with surprise deserving nods overall the expected ones. Dylan Baker, who was previously nominated two years ago for the same role, comes back with another nomination and this year, he gets a very good episode that shows his range and certainly leaves impact to voters. Certainly, he should be The Good Wife star that’s getting all the buzz in this category. Jeremy Davies is also another comeback nominee, and while I find his last year’s submission better than this year, he still gets a good amount of screentime with some highlights in his submitted episode; however, with everything that’s going in his episode, it’s hard for his arc to stand out overall. Ben Feldman replaces perennial nominee Robert Morse as mad Men’s nomination in this category, and while he shines in his elevator scene in the end with Hamm, he’s pretty much scattered all over the episode not gaining enough momentum to own it the way other nominees do. It is very much arguable if this is Michael J. Fox‘s best episode of the season, but his somewhat frontrunner status baffles me once you watch his submission. Julianna Margulies owned this episode, and the last scene with her certainly did not leave enough impact to bring it all the way to the Emmy podium. This made me remember how Matthew Perry was snubbed of a nomination this year, because Fox clearly made it solely on name basis. Mark Margolis is pretty much wise with his submitted episode, as it is an impressive and buzzed about Breaking Bad episode, and he was riveting and memorable in his submission. This is the type of performance that sticks with voters after seeing all episodes. Lastly, Jason Ritter manages a surprise nod, and his storyline is vital to the episode, but his role also benefits from a season arc judgment than a single episode one. 

I reiterate that I’m very much worried that Fox is the most buzzed nominee, and it saddens me if eh takes the plum. I’m torn between Dylan Baker and Mark Margolis as who to choose since it occurs to me that their episodes will stick to voters the most. However, since Baker is a returning nominee for a show that the Academy seems to recognize the most for acting, I’d predict Baker by a hair over Margolis.

Prediction: Dylan Baker, “The Good Wife”
Spoiler: Mark Margolis, “Breaking Bad”

Complete Rankings:
1. Baker
2. Margolis
3. Davies
4. Fox
5. Feldman
6. Ritter