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20 Best Performances from The Voice Season 2   5 comments

Now that Season 2 is finally over, and that the weeks leading to the finale became one surprise after the other, we go back and reminisce the performances that made indelible mark not only for that specific season, but in the history of the show. As a matter of fact, many performances here are some of the best I’ve witnessed in the history of any reality singing show. Here are twenty of them:

20. Justin Hopkins, Tony Vincent, ” Faithfully” (Battle Rounds Week 4) 

The last battle during the Battle Rounds went out with a bang as two big voiced rocker men belted out Journey’s classic Faithfully. I love how the song sets them up both for a grand spectacle that blends well with Cee-Lo’s theatrics. It’s pretty apparent that Tony Vincent will be the one chosen, but I specifically preferred  Justin Hopkins here.

19. Jamie Lono, “Folsom Prison Blues” (Blind Auditions)

The sandwich boy back story was just a cherry on the top of the cake when it comes to Jamie Lono’s audition. It was obvious from the start that it was his voice that will make the coaches press their buttons for him. Sadly, his journey ended too soon, as I think we haven’t seen the last of him yet.

18.Lindsey Pavao, “Skinny Love” (Live Rounds, Week 5)

After two weeks of going current and mainstream, Lindsey Pavao went out with a bang as she goes back to her roots with simply a guitar in her version of Skinny Love. Plus points to anybody who sings Bon Iver and /or Birdy in a singing competition.

17. Jamar Rogers, Juliet Simms, Katrina Parker, Tony Lucca, “All These Things That I’ve Done” (Live Rounds, Week 5)

Despite not working under the same team, Team Cee-Lo’s Jamar and Juliet blended well with Team Adam’s Katrina and Tony in this The Killers song during the Top 8 week. This is probably one of the best group songs in any singing reality competition.

16. Jordis Unga, “A Little But Stronger ” (Live Rounds, Week 3)

It’s sad to hear that Blake Shelton decided to cut Jordis Unga off her team after her best performance on the show yet. Her A Little But Stronger is the closest she came to her Rockstar INXS days. It was raw, poignant, and emotional and definitely deserving of another week in the comeptition.

15. Jermaine Paul, “I Believe I Can Fly” (Finale)

R. Kelly’s staple song is one of the most cliched records to ever use in any singing competition especially when you are in the finale. However, Jermaine Paul’s version made it grand and gave us goosebumps as if he was really singing the time of his life here.

14. Katrina Parker,  “Jar of Hearts” (Live Rounds, Week 4)

Since Adam clearly doesn’t know what to do with her, it took until the Top 8 before she finally got her biggest break in the show. Jar of Hearts is a very difficult song to sing and while Katrina’s version is not perfect, it molds to highlight the best thing about what the show is about. After this performance, America fell in love with Katrina and I really wish she should have gone to the finale.

13. Ashley dela Rosa, “Paris Ooh LaLa” (Last Chance Performance)

Ashley dela Rosa is your typical cannon fodder. Her audition wasn’t shown, yet she made it ti the Battle Rounds. She went in to the Live Shows and she was saved by her coach Christina Aguilera. After her Paris Ooh LaLa performance, it was already clear that Ashley ahs a hidden talent not only in her voice but with her choice of songs as well.

12. Chris Mann/Christina Aguilera, “The Prayer” (Finale)

It’s difficult to outsing Christina Aguilera. That’s probably one of the easiest tips one can give any The Voice aspirant. Somehow, Chris Mann and Christina Aguilera made magic together in this finale duet of The Prayer that I’m willing to forgive the pressure of anybody who’s nervous for a possible nip slip from Xtina.

11. Pip, “House of the Rising Sun” (Blind Auditions)

American Idol’s Haley Reinhart gave one of her best performance last season when she performed this song. However, Pip gave it his own spin this season. Bowtie issues aside, clearly everyone fell in love with this performing including the four coaches who all pressed their buzzers for him.

10. Jamar Rogers, “Seven Nation Army” (Blind Auditions)

It’s sad that Jamar Rogers was never given this rich material by his coach during the Live Shows. His choice of a White Stripes song during his audition certainly got the attention of eventual coach CeeLo Green. One makes you wonder why the other coaches did not turn their chairs around for him when this is clearly one of the best audition pieces this season.

9. Charlotte Sometimes, “Apologize” (Blind Auditions)

Charlotte Sometimes may tend to be polarizing when it comes to her attitude in the show (I, for one, really love her), and while her stint on the show was disrupted very quickly, her Apologize audition piece is one of the few brilliant auditions this season that received a four chair turn from all the coaches.

8. Tony Lucca, “Trouble” (Blind Auditions)

See my comment for Jamar Rogers and replace him with Tony Lucca, and replace CeeLoGreen with Adam Levine. Tony has been a very controversial figure on the show, and it was all for the wrong reasons. Had we seen more of this Tony like his audition segment, or his Devil Town single, then I don’t think the issue of being one dimensional will ever be brought out this season.

7. Jesse Campbell, “A Song for You” (Blind Auditions)

While this is one of the most overrated audition pieces in the show, there’s no denying that this voice is certainly deserving of a mention in the list. Jesse Campbell’s rendition of this Donny Hathaway classic is indeed one of the best renditions that has ever done of this song in any reality competition program.

6.Juliet Simms, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” (Live Rounds, Week 6)

Certainly, no one can touch Christina Aguilera’s version of the song as its best rendition in recent years, but there’s something raw and emotional about Juliet’s version that makes you feel that she means every word being sung in this number. While Roxanne made her the frontrunner, this one cemented her status in the finale.

5. Blake Shelton, Jermaine Paul, “Soul Man” (Finale)

What’s good about this number is that it highlighted Jermaine Paul’s strength as a vocalist. And his connection with his coach was the highest point of this number. It was fun and entertaining and merits a spot in the list.

4. Jermaine Paul, Jamar Rogers, Pip, James Massone, “I Want You Back” (Finale)

The best thing about the finale is that it brings back contestants of the show who didn’t manage to make it until the end. This is one of them. Jermaine Paul bring back Jamar Rogers, Pip, and a very likable James Massone in this Jackson 5 number which is a standout in that very long season finale.

3. Lidnsey Pavao – Say Aah (Blind Auditions)

In what I call as the best audition piece for this season, Lindsey Pavao managed to transform a forgettable Trey Songz track into something that is cool, edgy, and hip. Add the fact that this Katy Perry slash Kristen Stewart crossover has a knack of  making the bubblegum pop songs with a more interesting and mysterious approach.

2. Juliet Simms, “Roxanne” (Live Rounds, Week 2)

There is something about this legendary The Police track song that makes things better than what they’re supposed to be. The last time we’ve heard is in that twisted Community episode. The next time we’ve heard it is when Juliet Simms sang the hell out of the song during her first Live Show performance, and the rest, as they say, is history.

1. Jessie Campbell/Anthony Evans, “If I Ain’t Got You” (Battle Rounds, Round 1)

People always hear the saying “bringing down the house”, and this is a clear example of that. Both Jessie Campbell and Anthony Evans sang it as if there’s no tomorrow, and even original singer Alicia Keys can’t stop herself from tweeting how great it was. There’s no stopping this performance, and this is certainly deserving of the top spot.

Do you agree with what’s in the list? What are your favorite numbers this season? Chime them in at the Comments section. 🙂


Video: Christina Aguilera   4 comments

Hey everyone? What’s up? I noticed that I haven’t done any list as of lately. I’m preoccupied with doing reviews, and my 30 Day Film Challenge. So I decided to start doing a list of my favorite music videos per artist. I’ll start with probably One of my most favorite pop artists of all time, Christina Aguilera.

As people close to me know, I’m a big fan of Aguilera herself. I have all her albums, and have supported her since her Genie in a Bottle days up until the panned Bionic (which I still give a spin to every now and then.) Anyway, here are my ten favorite Christina Aguilera music videos:

10. PERO ME ACUERDO DE TI (Director: Kevin G.Bray)

Probably one of Christina’s videos where in she looked the prettiest, this cut off her Grammy winning album Mi Reflejo is the only videi of hers that’s not dubbed with the English music video. She only gets to sit, stand, for four minutes yet you’ll still be amazed by how stunning she looked in this video.

9. BEAUTIFUL (Director: Jonas Akerlund)

It is very difficult to top this powerhouse anthem with a video but Aguilera’s self inspiring song which tackled situations involving same sex relationships, insecurities, and bullying did the trick. I love the fact that Christina looked “raw” int he video and thus gives a more humanized take on the song. And yes, this pretty much inspired Katy Perry’s “Firework” video.

8. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF (Directors: Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry)

For a diva like Christina Aguilera, it is always a big deal when she tones it down. And such is what you can see when you watch the Save Me From Myself video. She just stands (with minimal make up), and just sings in front of you. This video proved nonetheless that she has THE VOICE and bonus points goes with how ethereal she looks even after giving birth!

7. COME ON OVER (ALL I WANT IS YOU) (Director: Paul Hunter)

I particularly like this video because it features the playful, and sensual Christina with the hair colors, and the revolving sets, and the dance moves. Her acting at the start is pretty wooden, but the colorful and positive atmosphere the video exudes a very youthful Christina back then.

6. AIN’T NO OTHER MAN (Director: Bryan Barber)

Her only MTV VOTY nomination as a solo artist, Christina’s 2006 lead single is a perfect throwback to the 20s with the set, and the costumes, and the dance steps. Definitely, it’s one of her best videos to date.

5. CANDYMAN (Director: Matthew Rolston, Christina Aguilera)

As Carson Daly monotonously blurted out, “IT’S FLAAAAGGG DAY!” Christina continues to bring i the 20s theme with not only one, but three Christinas on set! Very colorful art costumes, awesome art direction and choreography, and impressive editing, Christina can get any candyman she wants with this video.

4. LADY MARMALADE (Director: Paul Hunter)

The first video where she gave us a hint of a Sextina, Christina danced in her undies, put on heavy make up, and collaborated with Lil Kim, Mya, and Pink in a divafest that will never ever be forgotten. This is Moulin Rouge’s promotional soundtrack, and a winner of MTV Video Music Awards’s Video of the Year in 2001. As Christina even said in their speech, “the big hair paid off!” Of course honey, it did! 🙂

3. DIRRTY (Director: David LaChappelle)

If Christina just gave us a hint in Lady Marmalade, she let everything hang loose in Dirrty. She gets to do boxing, crawl and shower with girlfriends, and arrive in a motorbike. As controversial as it may seem, this paid off for her, and I still believe that this remains as her sexiest music video ever.

2. HURT (Directors: Floria Sigismondi, Christina Aguilera)

Christina’s father story was put into a clear visual in this circus themed music video that depicts a story of a girl that lost contact with her father. This is a very effective and emotional video that has A+ direction, and production, and one of her most underrated videos ever.

1. FIGHTER (Director: Floria Sigismondi)

Floria Sigismondi gave us Christina’s most interesting video ever. Throughout the video, they keep on showing us the metamorphosis of Christina’s character. The best thing about it is that Christina was game as hell with everything int his video, thus yielding to a very creative and impressive music video.

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite Christina Aguilera music videos and why? 🙂 Also, who are the other artists you want to be featured here? 🙂

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 13   Leave a comment

DAY 13: A Guilty Pleasure – Burlesque (Steve Antin, 2010)

When I went inside the movie house to watch this, I was expecting a Glitter type of mess. But fortunately, it wasn’t. The story was very much cliche but for what it’s worth, they stick with it and produced one hell of an entertaining movie. That’s probably the best word to describe this film. Its entertainment value is very high. The musical numbers were memorable, and enjoyable and the scenes were campy fun. Cher was a fun mess, Tucci was convincing as ever, and Christina Aguilera delivered. Burlesque is the definition of a real guilty pleasure.

REVIEW: The Voice   4 comments

As far as reality shows go, to do a singing competition is pretty much the toughest to maintain especially since America’s most watched TV show for the past few years is a singing reality competition. So when a show like NBC’s The Voice premiered this summer, everyone took it with a grain of salt. However, no one saw that this is probably the most refreshing, and best musical competition existing right now.

It all started with the blind auditions. Probably gimmicky to some, but this is the perfect way to gain steam and for the show to leave an impact to its viewers. For two weeks, we saw  the judges pressed that buttons, sell themselves, and even gave second chances to some (poor Joann Rizzo, probably my favorite reality star this season. LOL).  Battle rounds were more crucial as we said goodbye to many deserving candidates (Rebecca Loebe, Kelsey Rey, Tje Austin) and then we’re off to the Live Shows, where we’ve seen four people go home each week, until we had the final four (one for each team) and ultimately, Javier Colon won as the first “The Voice” of America.

The season went by pretty fast, though it’s pretty expected as this has been the trial season for NBC’s musical hit contest. Rest assured though that Season 2 will have more episodes and and will be on a more moderate pace, as NBC is gonna milk it for what its worth. What’s unexpected though is the awesome chemistry we saw from the four coaches. Who would have thought that Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Christina Aguilera will have this very playful chemistry that helps provide the energy of the show. Not only did we see them train the contestants themselves, but we have seen another part of their personality regarding their own personal experiences in this business. That will remain as one of the biggest assets of this show, and I’m glad to know that all coaches will be back for Season 2. It has also been a very good platform in promoting themselves and their music. I’m pretty confident that Blake Shelton is now a household name, and a very famous one. All thanks to the show.

Also, the performances of the finalists are all worth mentioning. Whether it’s the theatrics of Cee-Lo’s group, or the simplicity of Blake’s, the performances were clearly appreciated as we see the coaches be in charge behind the scenes in terms of the overall outcome. That’s why I actually don’t have a problem when they rarely say anything negative during live shows. The coaches can reserve the constructive criticisms on the rehearsals as it is the better venue to do so. it’s not like commenting just for the sake of stirring some fake buzz or showing off favoritism among some finalists. Plus, the songs! OMG, it’s as current as it gets! Who would have thought that a Ke$ha song will ever be sung on a singing competition? Not me, definitely! I love that there are no themes per weeks, and focuses on the strengths of the contestants. After all, they’re newbies, you don’t expect them to be bravura right off the bat.

All in all, this was a very good season for The Voice. The winner was strong, and I’ll even go as far as saying that the top four is extremely good. I wouldn’t be shocked if all four get record deals as I know that their coaches will probably get one for them. There are definitely rooms for improvement (yes, Carson I’m pointing at you), but for a trial freshman season, this went beyond my expectations! Actually when I was watching the last few minutes before the announcement of the winner, I did not feel that I’m watching a competition, but more of a celebration of talent. That’s how effective it is! Kudos to everyone involved! 🙂

Season Grade: solid A

Next post is dedicated to The Voice’s best performances of the season.

Sexual Healing   5 comments

So yeah, it’s pretty obvious that I am jobless right now since I have the time to do that mini collage that you’re seeing right now. Anyway, what do those videos have in common? Well, they are the videos included in FUSE’s 100 Sexiest Videos Of All Time.

The videos in the picture are arranged by rankings, and I’ll provide you the list of the top ten:

10 Rihanna – “S&M” (2011)
09 Lady GaGa – “LoveGame” (2009)
08 Fergie feat. Will.I.Am – “Fergalicious” (2006)
07 LL Cool J – “Doin’ It” (1997)
06 Beyonce feat. Sean Paul – “Baby Boy” (2003)
05 Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, & P!nk with Missy Elliott – “Lady Marmalade” (2001)
04 Britney Spears – “Toxic” (2004)
03 Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game” (1991)
02 D’Angelo – “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” (1999)
01 Madonna – “Justify My Love” (1990)

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. While I’m happy that the list is very much updated (Rihanna’s S&M and Katy’s ET are already in the list), there are only 14 songs post 2000 that were included in a list of videos that has eligibility span of ALL TIME. Very ironic.

2. Some artists got in for almost all of their videos. coughBeyoncecough. I seriously doubt that while Ego is a song that talks about how big someone’s (re: Jay Z) penis is, it’s video is far from anything sexy. Actually just the thought of Beyonce singing about Jay Z’s manhood is provoking enough for it to be excluded on the list.

3. There are lots of hip hop videos here, and I’d argue that most of them are interchangeable. I can’t even tell them apart. All those hot women dancing in a big pool or partying up are not unique enough for me to identify which is which.

4. No Justin for What Goes Around Comes Around, or Cry Me a River, any Kylie Minogue video, Shakira for La Tortura, Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry, Amerie for One Thing, Maroon 5 videos aside from This Love?

5. If I personally choose the top ten, I’ll probably have:  Express Yourself, Untitled, Dirrty, Toxic, Teenage Dream, This Love, Criminal, These Boots Are Made for Walking, Crazy, and Wicked Game.

So without looking the list, can you name the videos in the picture? And more so, what are your own pics for the sexiest videos of all time? 🙂