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67th Primetime Emmys: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie   Leave a comment

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Let’s continue our discussion with the male counterparts as we tackle the Supporting Actor in Limited Series and TV Movies. Richard Cabral got in this year for his role as Hector Tonz in American Crime and submitting “Episode 10” where he was accused to be lying about the gun leading to his deportation to Mexico. He is very sympathetic in his episode as he was being forced to admit something he said he really didn’t do. That said, tapes seem like they don’t matter anymore,

Two seasons after his first nomination for the first season, Denis O’Hare is back for another shot, this time for American Horror Story: Freak Show. This nomination came off as a surprise considering it’s Emmy winner Michael Chiklis who has the flashier role. Playing muscle man Stanley, his submission “Pink Cupcakes”  is nothing to write home about. But then again, his surprise nomination might indicate support and the voting system favors basically out of nowhere wins.

On the other hand, his AHS co-star and co-nominee Finn Wittrock is a welcome surprise to the race and it’s one who would fare better under the tape system because “Bullseye” was a good submissions. However, he’s hurt by the fact that the new voting system favors name checking or veteran status more than newbies and younger ones. That said, he can still be in the race and who knows, might pull off the win.

Emmy winner Damian Lewis guns for his Emmy #2, now for Limited Series nominee Wolf Hall. Playing the villainous role of Henry VII of England, this is a flashy performance as one can get. It has shoutings and long monologues and confrontations and even a supposed death scene. If tapes do matter, then his submission “Crows”  would have been a sure shot. Remember though that we’re still talking about Emmy winner Damian Lewis here, only one of the two men who’ve beaten Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, so clearly he’s a familiar name.

Getting in for Best TV Movie winner Bessie is Michael Kenneth Williams who is Queen Latifah’s lover in the movie. It’s a pretty showy role appearing in a large chunk of the TV movie. I can’t help but think though that if another more prominent actor was in the role, it would have been a sure winner. It’s basically not because Michael Kenneth Williams’ performance wasn’t good, but that it would have given him more buzz.

Then there’s Bill Murray. His submission, the last parter for Olive Kitteridge has that emotional moment with Frances McDormand in the end, but aside from that, it’s basically a “nothing much happened” performance. However, we’re talking about Bill Murray here, and he’s the biggest and most respected name from the bunch. While that didn’t help Ed Harris in 2012, we’re living with a new voting system where Murray can easily benefit with a win.

I still don’t know who to predict here. Maybe Bill Murray can easily go all the way, though his caise is usually the type of contender that the press would usually pimp but ends up losing. So I guess I’ll go with Emmy winner Damian Lewis in a scenery chewing performance. Then there’s over the top Fin Wittrock as well considering they’ve already rewarded AHS performance in the same category before.

Prediction: Damian Lewis, “Wolf Hall”
Alternate: Bill Murray, “Olive Kitteridge”

Full Rankings:
01. Damian Lewis, “Wolf Hall”
02. Bill Murray, “Olive Kitteridge”
03. Finn Wittrock, “American Horror Story: Freak Show
04. Michael Kenneth Williams, “Bessie
05. Richard Cabral, “American Crime
06. Denis O’Hare, “American Horror Story: Freak Show

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