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REVIEW: World War Z   1 comment

If there’s one theme that makes pop culture in demand now, it’s definitely zombies. Whether it’s The Walking Dead in television or Warm Bodies in film, the trend is livelier than ever, and joining now is Brad Pitt’s personal passion project, the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z, directed by Marc Forster.

In the midst of an unexplainable surge of zombie attacks in different parts of the world, former United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) left his family in order to take an assignment that will bring him to different parts of the world in order to find the solution to the said zombie pandemic.

For all the creative differences that happened before and during the film production, the final output is better than what most will probably expect. The film is full of tensed moments that will hold the audience screaming at their seats. Fans of zombie attack films will surely appreciate this one, as the suspense level keeps on taking a notch higher. The first 40 minutes alone will already satisfy your zombie intensity cravings.

I also liked the film’s musical score combining haunting sounds during the tense filled parts of the film, and it offered solid technical visual achievements from production design and cinematography. The visual effects and the zombie make up were deserving of mention as well. Plus, it does not hurt at all that the main character is played by one of the most charismatic movie stars in the world. Brad Pitt, as much as one takes too much interest in his personal life, dominates the screen with his performance and proves how an engaging lead he is in this film.

With that said, the movie’s flaws are very visible as well. The story is noticeably chopped up, and as much as they came up with the best possible way to hide it, the movie feels like a combination of pieces of different stories patched up which led to contrived story lines and noticeable lapses in storytelling. It gave me a Contagion meets Beyond Borders vibe. What’s interesting though is that the film seems to be holding back in terms of connecting it to possible issues that would have made the whole movie more impactful. They were lumped up in a voice over that Brad Pitt did in the near end, but it wasn’t shown enough to actually linger.

For what it’s worth, World War Z is an entertaining and action filled zombie movie that does not lack in the visual treat that the audience will surely eat up. Its biggest liability lies in the fact that it could have further pushed buttons to make it a more impactful movie, but it did not attempt to go there.