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In the twelve years since this category started back in 2003, The Amazing Race has won this ten time with both Top Chef and The Voice sneaking one win apiece. Now that the three shows are competing again, will we see one of them winning? Or is it time for the other no-win nominees (Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance) to snatch their win?

Both the dancing shows submitted close to finale episodes. Dancing with the Stars went with “Episode 2009” while So You Think You Can Dance submitted the “August 20, 2014” episode. The thing with these dancing shows is that while they’re showing the competition, it’s not competitive enough with the other competition formats. Add the fact that they’re the only programs that show the same type of skill (dancing), it cancels out each other votes.

One time champ The Voice decided to go with “Blind Auditions 701.” It’s wise that they keep on submitting their blind audition episodes, as they feature the gimmicky spinning chairs and had the coaches fighting with each other. It also offers something new because it’s the first season with coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

Project Runway is now on its eleventh bid in this category, and it has yet to win. They went with “The Rainway”  episode where the designers are *obviously* gonna make garments suitable for the rainy season. It also has the gimmick of having rain on the actual runway. I find this a new take from the Project Runway team, as they’re more leaning to episodes with contestants’ drama instead of having anything to do with the actual challenge.

Hoping for a second victory is 2010 champ Top Chef, which submitted their Boston season finale for this year. While there’s tough competition in this episode with an elimination at the start of the episode, it feels a bit “been there done that” already.

There’s a reason why The Amazing Race continues to dominate this category, and that’s because they know how to provide the great submissions. This year, they went with “Mo’rock n Roll” where the contestants can be seen flying to Morocco from Denmark. In a span of 42 minutes, this has all the elements of an award winning episode – you have perceived frontrunners Misti & Jim finishing a Speed Bump at the start of the episode, then there’s a Detour and a U Turn as well. Plus, the heart tugging angle of surfer Bethany doing a Road Block.

Well it’s obvious by now that The Amazing Race is winning an eleventh one, and its episode is far and above the rest of the pack. The only one I can see challenging it is The Voice with its two new coaches.

PREDICTION: The Amazing Race (CBS)

Full rankings:
01. “The Amazing Race
02. “The Voice
03. “Project Runway
04. “Dancing with the Stars
05. “Top Chef
06. “So You Think You Can Dance

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