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Minsan kailangan natin isakripisyo ang mga taong mahal natin, at ang mga bagay na mahalaga sa atin para maabot ang ating mga pangarap.”

That’s what the film exactly did. Just when you thought that this is your typical Maalalala Mo Kaya episode or a Lifetime movie of the week feature presentation, there’s something about the presentation that made the movie a very good one and an enjoyable film to watch. Inspired by true events, Thelma is the story of a young woman who literally ran away from her dreams in order to make them happen.

I was swept away by this film on so many different levels. The story, albeit not being original is not cliched as well. I actually feared that some scenes will be too predictable and too melodramatic, and I’m glad they they didn’t go that route. I was more surprised with how good the technical areas are. The transitions are cleverly inserted, and does not serve as literal transitions only, but give meanings to the scenarios as well. The score is effective, though there are scenes that don’t need background scoring yet were inserted. Also, the editing was sharp and my favorite is probably the cinematography. The windmills, the tracking field, the beach, looks as if they came straight from a magazine.

Maja Salvador is probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, among her current contemporaries. She was able to carry the film, play the role well, and leave maximum impact to the audience. She cries, and you cry. She closes her eyes, and you’ll feel her pain. She smiles, and you’ll get motivated. She’s perfect for the role of Thelma and I’ll assure you that she is really great here. Eliza Pineda, John Arcilla, Jason Abalos, and Tetchie Agbayani played support effectively, and not any of them were forgettable. They all share chemistry with Salvador well.

Above anything else, it was director Paul Soriano whom I’ll give the most credit with this film. You can clearly feel the passion with every shot and frame while watching. I’m not familiar with his previous works prior to this one, but it made me want to look for it and watch it. When there are so many good aspects in a film, the director has a tendency to overdo it. However, Soriano was able to contain everything and maintain it well. I’m more than excited to see his future projects.

All in all, this movie really surprised me and knocked me off my feet. This is probably my favorite local film of the year. It makes me wonder why this didn’t make the top six for RP’s Oscar entry this year. Story is good, technical aspect is good, acting is good. They only come rarely. Thus, I hope you can still catch this little gem of a film. 🙂

Grade: A

Posted September 11, 2011 by Nicol Latayan in Films, Reviews

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