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11 Things You Need to Know About Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Video   2 comments

Christina Aguilera ‘s new era is just around the corner, as she releases her latest studio album Lotus on November 13 of this year. She kicks off this era by releasing her first single Your Body on ITunes last September 17, and the music video just earlier this day. And to say that this video is great is probably an understatement. It was colorful, fun, fierce, and I’m not even talking about the overload of pop culture references from Lucille Ball to American Psycho, from Oranium the website to the Bits N Pieces cereal she ate there.

If you’re a real Christina Aguilera fan, you’ll realize that this music video is a big “FU” or “I love you” (whichever you prefer) to all her haters  as she does a lot of references to all the things that were thrown at her since the last two years. And of course, as every real fierce beyotch knows, the correct way of addressing the issue is by showing it without even speaking a single word about it.

Here are eleven of them:


Ever since Christina gained weight, the press have been nothing but negative about the change in her physical appearance even comparing her as a “second rate Nicki Minaj”. Xtina’s aware of this stuff, and gave them the comparison that they are waiting for. Wearing a purple wig, and ultra skimpy clothes, she really gives a resemblance of the Starships singer here.


Christina received major major flack when the world witnessed the increase in weight that she had, and even though she has cleared it many times that she is comfortable with her current state and that how much her boyfriend loves her body, the media still won’t stop criticizing her such as when poor C-lister Kelly Osbourne made fun of her for gaining weight. And amidst all of that, how did Christina addressed that in her video? By eating more. LOL.


Another issue that they keep on bringing about Xtina is how inappropriately dressed as she choose to wear dresses and short skirts during the Live Rounds of The Voice last season, and the American Music Awards performance earlier this year with Maroon 5. Yet, X is still unstoppable by continuing the trend on her music video.


With all the negative image that the latter part of The Voice Season 2 resulted mainly because of their child-like bickering, both Christina and Adam were pretty much on the same page fixing all of this together, and the Blind Auditions of Season 3 showed more of that. While one can say that there can be no other diva, when Xtina’s around, I guess he can fit one more in her video with this Maroon 5 frontman look-a-like.


Most of what fueled the media to take over Xtina and post all the negativities around her is mainly caused by the paparazzi. With that said, Xtina’s “Fuck the Paparazzi” shirt says it all.


Remember in early 2011 when Christina Aguilera was involved in a drunk-driving issue with the cops and had her mugshot even released by E! Turns out, she was just dragged in the issue as it wasn’t her who the cops were primarily after for, but since she’s the big star, all eyes were on her. In the video, we get a shot of Xtina accepting a drink from a random guy in the bar. Way to go, X. LOL.


Xtina also caused major headlines last year when she flubbed over the lyrics of Star Spangled Banner at the Superbowl, and the non stop flack she received then were already worth a lifetime’s criticism. But of course, the diva knows how to move on about it, even wearing an American flag inspired tap in this part of the video.


Another thing they love to hate about Xtina is the stage in her career when she was obsessed with the tan sprays and tanning machines.  People back then were quick to call her orangey and a human photoshop when she comes out with this very tanned look. Little did they know that Xtina loves them to the point of having one outside her trailer in the music video. Bonus points for having the lifesize snowman in the background.


During the late great Etta James’ funeral earlier this year, we saw Christina perform James’s greatest song “At Last.” In the middle of the performance, pictures of Xtina wiping something off her leg were released even overshadowing the actual purpose of her paying her respect to the singer. Now in the video, she cleared things up by having a scene where she’s spraying tan off her left leg, the same one where the infamous spray tan was photographed leaking that time.


Haters easily labeled Xtina as a white trash with her diva attitude, her notable fashion clothing, and their mistaken perception of her confidence, and she gives them an instant trash look in the video with matching chewing gums (a blown out of proportion issue where in she was chewing gum while being interviewed during the Bionic era) to boot.


Lastly, here comes Slut-tina. It’s easy for haters to label Christina as this promiscuous lady who doesn’t act her age, but come on. She’s freakin 31. She has the rest of her life still waiting for her. It’s not as if she’s dating every single guy on the planet. As a matter of fact, she dated just one guy, her current boyfriend, post her divorce with Jordan Bratman. But I love how she gave a taste of that aspect in her video.

I am really in love with this video, and this surpasses Come On Over as her most fun yet. For an artist that is underrated with coming up with sassy and intriguing music videos, Xtina never fails to bring up surprised up her sleeves, and Lotus era hopefully will deliver. And more than that, she knows how to address her haters properly. After all her necklace in this photo says it all…

And in case you want to watch the video, here it goes: